How Well Do We Know Each Other…

Another Monday is upon us friends so we thought we would spruce it up with a fun quiz! As you already know, as sisters we are super close even though we don’t live in the same state. We share similar interests, hobbies, and are often (pleasantly) mistaken as twins. Now it is time to put our relationship to the test and see if we can answer questions correctly about each other. Let’s get to it!

About Amanda-Meghan’s guessing!

1. If you were leaving for a trip tomorrow, where would you choose to go?

Meghan’s guess: Somewhere new and exciting!

Amanda’s answer: Greek Islands

2. What is your favorite movie?

Meghan’s guess: Magic Mike? This was a tough one but you really can’t go wrong

Amanda’s answer: Top Gun

3. You’re going on an island and can only bring three things, go!

Meghan’s guess: Kevin, workout equipment, and shoes

Amanda’s answer: Peninsula hotel bed, tent, and snacks

4. What is your favorite drink from Starbucks?

Meghan’s guess: Chai tea latte w/ skim milk (iced or hot depending on the day)

Amanda’s answer: Skinny vanilla latte (or chai tea latte with skim milk to change it up)

5. What is your guilty pleasure?

Meghan’s guess: Real Housewives

Amanda’s answer: Reality TV

6. If you were an ice cream flavor what kind would you be?

Meghan’s guess: Mint chocolate chip – She is calm and collected with a little bit of spunk

Amanda’s answer: Strawberry shortcake – Sweet with with pieces of attitude

7. Shoe or handbag girl?

Meghan’s guess: Shoe for sure (she has her own shoe shrine)

Amanda’s answer: Shoes!

8. Which male actor would you want to spend the day with?

Meghan’s guess: Channing Tatum

Amanda’s answer: Channing Tatum 😉

9. Are you know for being a night owl or early riser?

Meghan’s guess: Early riser because she is so used to getting up early for work

Amanda’s answer: Early riser!

10. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Meghan’s guess: People that don’t know how to drive (she loves her horn!)

Amanda’s answer: People who disrespect me (bump into me, cut in front of me in line, etc.)

11. What’s your favorite cocktail?

Meghan’s guess: Vodka and tonic with a lime

Amanda’s answer: Vodka & soda with lime

12. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Meghan’s guess: Dancing! Amanda loved all kinds of dance, especially ballet, and even played soccer gracefully

Amanda’s answer: When Meghan and I used to put together gymnastics and dance routines. One time on vacation we pretended we were olympic gymnasts, putting on leotards and wearing gold medals around town.

About Meghan-Amanda’s Guessing!

1. If you were leaving for a trip tomorrow, where would you choose to go?

Amanda’s guess: Greek Islands

Meghan’s answer: Mexico (always hot and sunny, beautiful views, endless margaritas…need I say more?)

2. What is your favorite movie?

Amanda’s guess: Wizard of Oz

Meghan’s answer: Father of the Bride

3. You’re going on an island and can only bring three things, go!

Amanda’s guess: Books, tent, ice cream

Meghan’s answer: Wine, a friend, and a first aid kid (I had to I’m a nurse)

4. What is your favorite drink from Starbucks?

Amanda’s guess: Skinny vanilla latte

Meghan’s answer: Totally basic but… I love the first PSL of the season it gets me excited for fall and the holidays coming up!

5. What is your guilty pleasure?

Amanda’s guess: Ice cream

Meghan’s answer: Bachelor/Bachelorette

6. If you were an ice cream flavor what kind would you be?

Amanda’s guess: Anything with sprinkles!

Meghan’s answer: Vanilla with sprinkles

7. Shoe or handbag girl?

Amanda’s guess: Shoes?

Meghan’s answer: Handbag? That was a tough pick

8. Which male actor would you want to spend the day with?

Amanda’s guess: Channing Tatum!

Meghan’s answer: I would have to say the same for this one, Channing… it’s a no brainer

9. Are you know for being a night owl or early riser?

Amanda’s guess: Night owl since she’s used to working the night shifts. And she’s definitely not the first one out of bed on her days off

Meghan’s answer: With my work schedule changing with my new job, I have been getting up early but I definitely prefer to sleep in so I would say night owl

10. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Amanda’s guess: When plans change

Meghan’s answer: People who don’t consider others’ feelings

11. What’s your favorite cocktail?

Amanda’s guess: Moscow mule

Meghan’s answer: Margarita or sangria (depending on my mood)

12. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Amanda’s guess: Family vacations

Meghan’s answer: Vacations with my family, many times to Florida where Amanda I would spend hours swimming with zero worries

And the winner is….Meghan! She got six and a half right about Amanda and Amanda got four right about Meghan. Some of those were tough. Have a great week everyone!

– A & M  –

Sister Weekend!

Hello all! We are back this Monday with lots of fun memories to share as we were able to reunite in Arizona for a long weekend. Nothing like quality sister time! We packed lots of activities into our four days together and here are the highlights:



Meg arrived to the Scottsdale area Thursday afternoon. When Amanda got home from work, we went out for dinner at Grimaldi’s for pizza (and wine of course). Then, we enjoyed some time catching up before calling it a night.


We got up on this gorgeous day and headed to Camelback Inn for a spa day! We took a Pilates class, got massages, and ended the morning with a cocktail by the pool. Cheers!



Later that day, we visited Drybar, a salon that blow drys and styles your hair, to get ready for a night on the town! We went to dinner before heading to Whiskey Row for a night of country music, drinks, and dancing. We had (a little too much) fun!




This was a big day for Spartan fans as our football team was facing their rivals, UofM. We headed to an MSU bar, Wasted Grain, to root on our team. As most of you know, MSU won 27-23 in one of the most exciting and unexpected endings. Go green!



After the game, we had a couple celebratory drinks and dinner before wrapping up the night early in preparation for Sunday.


We woke up before the sun to beat the heat as we embarked on a 2 hour hike on Sunrise Trail to Sunrise Peak. It was a beautiful view at the top and a great workout!



We rewarded ourselves with a yummy breakfast and relaxed the rest of the day, enjoying each other’s company. It is always great to be together, but bittersweet as we have to say goodbye again. We are looking forward to being together again at Christmas. Hope you all had a great weekend!

-A & M-

Welcome to Together at Heart!


Hello everyone!

Welcome to Together at Heart! We are sisters sharing a love for healthy living and adventure. Although we are best friends, our time spent together is limited since we live in different states. We’ve created Together at Heart to stay connected with each other and are excited to share some of our life with you. We’ve answered some questions below so you can get to know a little about both of us. You can also visit our About Us page for more background information. Enjoy!

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re together?

Amanda: I love just catching up! We both enjoy doing a workout class like Pure Barre together. When Meghan comes to Chicago, I enjoy showing her my favorite restaurants or when I’m in Michigan we enjoy spending time with our family.

Meghan: I enjoy taking workout classes together such as Pure Barre, doing massages, or having coffee and chatting in the morning if I’m lucky enough to spend a week or weekend with Amanda 🙂

Q: Are there any workouts you are itching to try?

Amanda: I’ve been wanting to get back to into cycling. I did cycling back in college, and loved how I felt when I was done with a class. It’s a great way to raise your heart rate without putting too much stress on your joints. I’m hoping to get back into it at one of the many studios in Chicago.

Meghan: I have recently gotten back into yoga. I did a quite a bit of hot yoga in college, but am happy to be back on the mat! It’s not only a stress reliever, but is a great workout! In the future, I would love to try a Pilates reformer class or some type of boot camp class. I am always up for a new workout!

Q: What’s your favorite weeknight meal to cook?

Amanda:  I’m a big fan of pasta, but don’t feel great after eating processed carbs. I’ve come up with my own recipe using whole wheat penne pasta, chicken sausage, and lots of veggies with a red sauce. It still quenches my taste for pasta without the guilt. I look forward to sharing the recipe!

Meghan: One of my favorite meals to make is taco salad. The recipe is from ( I like to serve it in a tortilla shell bowl to add a little crunch. I also use ground turkey instead of lean beef. Nothing like a healthy and quick mexican dish to spice up a weeknight!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

Amanda: My guilty pleasure is greasy food such as pizza or chicken wings. I also love a good ice cream dessert when it’s warm out. I’m a reality TV junkie, and enjoy every season of The Real Housewives, The Bachelor/Bachelorette and many other shows on Bravo.

Meghan: Food-wise my guilty pleasure is ice cream (a cone with sprinkles or mint chocolate chip are my favs). In general, I am guilty of watching almost every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. This season, I am rooting for Shawn or Ben Z!

Q: What are you most excited to share on Together at Heart?

Amanda: I’m excited to stay connected with Meghan while sharing some tips to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. I also look forward to hearing from our readers and learning something from you as well. I thinking blogging is a great way to take a peak into others lives and share with the world what you’re passionate about.

Meghan: I am most excited to share some healthy recipes and workouts with you guys! Not only will you hopefully benefit from it, but I get to learn some new healthy living tips and tricks along the way. As a nurse, I see everyday how important it is to take care of yourself and be healthy. I read other healthy living blogs daily and have used many recipes and workouts from them. It’s a great way to get in shape and feel like you have support along the way!

Feel free to add a comment if you have anything in particular you would like to see us blog about. Talk to you guys soon!

– A & M –