Ways to De-Stress

Happy Monday friends! There is a lot going on for me right now as I am starting graduate school in the fall and my boyfriend, Nick, and I are moving into an apartment in a few weeks (more info to come)! Add a full-time job into the mix and things can be overwhelming. Between working, studying, and packing, it is important that I still make time for myself. De-stressing and relaxing is so important for your health so I wanted to share some of the ways I like to de-stress throughout a busy week (other than Bachelor and wine).

1. Yoga- Yoga is definitely one of my favorite de-stressors as it allows me to practice mindfulness and be immersed in the moment, forgetting  about my growing to-do list for a while. I like to attend yoga classes (especially ashtanga vinyasa) at my gym on the weekends, however there are also great yoga sequences on Pinterest (love this nightime one) and YouTube (Yoga With Adriene is the bomb).

2. Essential oils- I love using oils to boost my mood and enhance the space I am in. It’s amazing how much a scent can trigger certain feelings and also work to treat health symptoms. My favorite scents are lavender (definitely the best for relaxation), orange (an instant energizer), and peppermint (can instantly cure a headache). I was hesitant to try essential oils, but after hearing about them from fellow bloggers and seeing them in use at work, I had to try them out and definitely don’t regret it!

3. Spending time outside- Taking in the fresh air and just being out in the sunlight definitely lifts my spirits and puts me at ease. I often try to go outside on my breaks at work if I can. I also love taking my dog for a walk after dinner (isn’t she cute?!). When you live in Michigan, spending time outside in the summer is a must!

4. Reading a book- I love reading a chapter or two of a good book after a long day. It allows me put my other thoughts aside and dive into the character’s lives for a short time. It definitely helps me relax and unwind before I go to sleep.

What are your favorite ways to relax and de-stress? I hope you all have a stress-free week!

– M –