Outdoor Circuit Workout

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! It’s warming up in Scottsdale, so it was nice to stay cool inside and get some chores done. A few weekends ago I did a fun outdoor circuit workout and I had a blast! There’s so many things outdoors that can be used in place of gym equipment.

I started with some step ups to balance on a park bench with leg lift at the top to get my heart rate up. Next I did some triceps dips on a bike rack. My favorite was doing squat jumps up a flight of stairs, making sure to keep good form. I ended with some jumping jacks and then did a few laps across a bridge near by. I did this circuit three times with 30 seconds spent on each exercise.

It was such a fun way to mix up my workout and be outdoors while working up a sweat. It’s amazing how many things outdoors easily doubled as gym equipment. I encourage you all to try making your own workout outside with your friends, kids or solo. Happy sweating!

– A –