Visit with My Parents

Happy Monday! Today is an exciting day for Kevin and I as we closed on our house! We move in officially in a couple of weeks. We had an awesome weekend as well with my parents arriving to visit for the week. They arrived early Saturday morning and Meghan and her boyfriend Mike arrive tonight!

My parents arrived early on Saturday and we enjoyed breakfast before showing them our new house. We had dinner at my Mom’s favorite, The Henry, in Phoenix. On Sunday we hung out at the pool at their resort and watched the sunset with happy hour before heading to dinner.


I’m excited to see Meg today and make some more great memories together this week!

– A – 

Ode to Dad

Hello everyone! Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there, you are much appreciated! 

While we were unable to celebrate in person on Father’s Day with our dad, we wanted to dedicate this post to him. Our dad is always happy, full of energy, one of the most loving and caring people we know. We have learned so many things from him including, but not limited too: be “stickler tough,” always follow your dreams, never give up, start strong and finish stronger, and make the most out of every day. He likes to celebrate each day even if there isn’t a special occasion. 

Growing up, he never missed a dance recital or pom competition (he actually got pretty into them). And he coached many of our soccer and basketball teams. He is the best at motivational pep talks and never fails to deliver one before we have tests, interviews, or big events. He enjoys taking our family on vacations and spending quality time with family and friends. He also is very active and enjoys running and golfing in his free time. 

We are so lucky to call him our dad! He truly is one of a kind and we are thankful for all that he does for us. We love you so much dad! Hope you had a relaxing weekend! 

– A & M –

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a lovely weekend and had time to thank the special mothers in their lives. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!


We wanted to dedicate today’s post to our amazing mom. To us, she is not only a mother and role model, but she is our best friend. We love to spend time with her and know that she is always there for us no matter what. She helps us celebrate our accomplishments and is there for us through our disappointments. Our mom works as a preschool teacher and makes a positive impact on her students every day. We love to hear funny stories about what her students say and how she forms special bonds with each one. She has always puts others before herself in both her professional and personal life and will drop everything to help her family and friends. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, attending Michigan State games, and spending time with family. Our mom is very crafty and makes the most amazing baked good (cookies are her specialty). The list of her amazing qualities goes on and on! We are so lucky to have such a selfless, hard-working, and loving mother.


Thank you mom for everything you do for us! We hope you had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend. We love you so much!

-A & M-

Family Vacation

We hope you had a great weekend! We had a hard goodbye on Saturday after a great week together in Scottsdale. It’s crazy how fast time together goes by. We did a lot of fun things together and really enjoyed every second.

On Friday, our first day together, we spent some time at the resort and the Michiganders soaked up some sun before heading to dinner at Chelsea’s Kitchen. With the time change, we called it an early night and had plans for a mini trip on Saturday.


On Saturday we drove south, outside of Tucson for a spa day. We rented a cabana by the pool and the girls were treated to massages. We enjoyed the rest of the day by the pool before heading to a beautiful dinner outside watching the sunset and listening to live music.


On Sunday, we celebrated Easter with a morning hike while sporting some festive bunny ears. The fellow hikers on the trail got quite the kick out of our bunny ears! It was a beautiful morning for a hike and we enjoyed the workout. After hiking we had brunch and attended a spring training baseball game. We then enjoyed a homemade Easter dinner at Amanda and Kevin’s place.


The rest of the week was full of relaxation and family time. We were also able to try some new workout classes throughout the week including aerial yoga and Orangetheory Fitness (stay tuned for future posts on these workouts!).



The week flew by end before we knew it, it was Friday, our last night together. The girls got blowouts at DryBar before meeting the boys for dinner. We had a fabulous dinner at The Henry as a family. Nothing beats family time!

While we had an amazing week together, saying goodbye never gets easier especially since we may not see each other again until August. Thank goodness for FaceTime! We hope everyone has a great week!

– A & M –

Until Next Week…

We are currently enjoying some quality time together and with our family in Arizona! We will be back next week with an update of all the fun things we have done together. Have a great week everyone!   

Chicago Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend ūüôā

My family was reunited this weekend as my parents, my boyfriend, Nick, and I went to Chicago to visit Amanda and her husband, Kevin. I love when we all get to spend time together. Here is a look into our time in the Windy (or should I say rainy) City…Enjoy!


After our four hour drive, we arrived in Chicago in time to have appetizers and drinks at Amanda and Kevin’s apartment before heading to dinner at Wildfire. I ordered the chopped salad. I loved the avocado (one of my favorite foods), citrus vinaigrette and how each bite had toppings in it. It was very flavorful and filling.togetheratheart_chicagoAfter great conversation and food, we headed to the Berkshire Room to enjoy a cocktail.togetheratheart_chicagotogetheratheart_chicagoWhile chatting over drinks, Kevin asked my dad what he wanted to do the remainder of the night and somehow, Whirlyball came up. Kevin is known for turning talk into reality and before we knew it we were getting ready to play Whirlyball (Amanda and I in wedges!).togetheratheart_chicagoThe game ended in a tie and while it was a random end to the evening, we all had a lot of fun!


We had a lazy morning before heading out to the local art fair to take advantage of the nice weather. On the way, I made everyone¬†stop at the Cupcake ATM. I was very excited and my family claims I am too easily pleased. Sometimes it’s the little things in life ¬†(especially if it’s something sweet)!togetheratheart_chicago¬†We walked around the art fair for a while and of course had to enjoy a Goose Island 312 to cool us off as it was hot and humid mid-day.¬†togetheratheart_chicagoWhen we all started getting hungry, we headed to Lux Bar for some lunch. Nick¬†claims they have the best burger and I must admit my turkey burger was pretty darn good! It was topped with avocado (noticing a pattern here?), white cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Yum!togetheratheart_chicagoOur final thing on the agenda for the day was to attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Amanda and Kevin got my dad tickets as an early Father’s Day present. My dad was very excited to be at the historic field and says he can check it off his bucket list now.¬†togetheratheart_chicagoUnfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and it started pouring in the 5th inning. We were still able to enjoy a couple beers and watch the Cubs get a few good runs. We ended the night with some Lou Malnati’s pizza (our favorite Chicago-style pie) and HGTV. Nothing like relaxing with your family on a rainy night!


Amanda and I woke up bright and early to attend a Soulcycle class. We did cycling in college and we were excited to do it together again. It was definitely challenging! We will feature more on our Soulcycle class in a future post. Stay tuned!We then had brunch at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. We visited this restaurant the weekend of Amanda and Kevin’s engagement celebration and we were all happy to be back. I am a pancake lover and I was not disappointed by the warm stack of blueberry pancakes I ordered.¬†togetheratheart_chicagoWe ended our trip in the city with a walk along the river.¬†togetheratheart_chicagoWe had an eventful, but relaxing weekend. It is always fun to¬†visit my sister and brother-in-law!

Until next time Chicago!

– M –