Visit with My Parents

Happy Monday! Today is an exciting day for Kevin and I as we closed on our house! We move in officially in a couple of weeks. We had an awesome weekend as well with my parents arriving to visit for the week. They arrived early Saturday morning and Meghan and her boyfriend Mike arrive tonight!

My parents arrived early on Saturday and we enjoyed breakfast before showing them our new house. We had dinner at my Mom’s favorite, The Henry, in Phoenix. On Sunday we hung out at the pool at their resort and watched the sunset with happy hour before heading to dinner.


I’m excited to see Meg today and make some more great memories together this week!

– A – 

Sunny Weekend in LA

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great St. Patrick’s day weekend. Kevin and I were in LA Thursday through Saturday, and had a much needed couple of days away.

We stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills and enjoyed our stay. Kevin was in town for a work event, and I flew out on Thursday to meet him. We enjoyed our favorite restaurant  in town, Il Pastaio, for yummy italian dinner on Thursday night and did some walking around town afterward. Unfortunately no celebrity sightings!
On Friday we enjoyed a morning work down rodeo drive taking in all of the amazing houses in the area. We later enjoyed lunch at The Farm of Beverly Hills and did some window shopping on rodeo drive. We found out Kenney, Kevin’s brother was also in town so we met up with him and his friend for dinner before joining some other MSU friends for the basketball game. It was great to see everyone and watch a good win for the Spartans!

Have a great week!

– A –





Ski Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

I spent a long weekend up north at Boyne Highlands with my boyfriend, Mike, and a big group of his friends. We arrived on Thursday after a four hour drive and relaxed for the night. On Friday, we hit the slopes! I used to ski at least once a year when I was younger and actually snowboarded as well, but haven’t been in quite a while. Thankfully, it wasn’t too hard to pick back up (I only fell a few times)! There was fresh snow on the ground and we had a lot of fun venturing down the hills as a group. After a warmup and lunch at the lodge, the girls headed back to the house. More people arrived on Friday evening and we spent the night playing lots of drinking games (flashback to college!).

On Saturday, we went skiing again and I felt more confident overall. I enjoyed the fresh air, pretty views, and company and look forward to going again. After a full day at Boyne, we returned to the house. We watched the MSU basketball game and made a taco bar for dinner. While we had intentions to go out to the hot tub or bar on Saturday, we ended up staying at the house and played more games. It was such a fun weekend!

Talk to you guys soon!

– M –

Weekend at the Phoenix Waste Management Open

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great Superbowl weekend. This past week, the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament was in town. Kevin and I saw two concerts at the Birds Nest, the small concert arena at the tournament. On Wednesday night we saw Jake Owen and Chase Rice with some friends, and on Saturday night we went to Steve Aoki and Blink 182. Both concerts were fun, and Blink 182 was definitely a blast from the past and brought back our middle/high school days!

On Sunday, we hosted some of Kevin’s co-workers at the 16th hole Skybox. The 16th hole is known for being a ton of fun and gets pretty crazy as fans cheer and boo the golfers. It was a beautiful day to enjoy some golf (and a few cocktails)! Until next year..


– A –

Back Home

We are home! We landed in Phoenix Saturday night after almost 24 hours of travel. Our trip was amazing, full of adventure and some much needed relaxation! Every country was so unique, we enjoyed Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam so much. It feels good to be home. It cooled off in Scottsdale while we were gone and it finally feels like fall. Now it is time for Christmas shopping and enjoying the holiday spirit! Back to reality… 

– A –

Hello from Southeast Asia!

Hi all! I hope you had a great weekend. For those of you who do not know Kevin and I left for Southeast Asia on Wednesday! We are visiting Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and we couldn’t be more excited for another adventure together. We started our trip in Chiang Mai, the northern part of Thailand after a long 20+ hours of travel. While we are here we are visiting an elephant camp, taking a cooking course to learn how to cook some local dishes, and enjoying the amazing scenery while we adjust to the time change. 

We then travel to Ko Samui, an island in southern Thailand for four days of relaxation! Here Kevin has some “surprises” he planned, and I cannot wait to find out what he has in store.

Next we travel to Bangkok for a couple of days in the city before we make our way to Siem Reap Cambodia to visit Ankor Wat and all of the surrounding temples. We have a tour planned to make the most of our time there and on the second day we get picked up at 4:30am to watch the sunrise over the beautiful temples.

The last leg of our trip will be spend in Hanoi Vietnam, where we travel to Ha Long Bay to enjoy a night on a boat (or junk as they call it) viewing the gorgeous water and surrounding scenery. If you are not familiar with Ha Long Bay, Google search it and you will see why  I am excited!

I will post some pictures on Facebook as we travel if you are intersted in following our journey. Have a good week!

– A – 



Getting Settled 

Happy Monday friends! The weekend went by way too fast, as it always does. It was full of the perfect mix of productivity and relaxation. 

I wanted to share some more pictures of Nick and I’s new place as promised! We are settling in and enjoying living together as well as being so close to downtown Royal Oak. So without further ado…

I hope you all have a great week! 

-M –

2016 – New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and have had a good start to 2016! I can’t believe how fast 2015 flew by. 2015 was a very eventful year. Kevin and I moved from Chicago to Scottsdale Arizona in July and both started new jobs. We took a trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico with my family in April prior to our move, and enjoyed a couple of road trips to San Diego and Los Angeles.  We made a trip back to Michigan in October for our good friends Mike and Samantha’s wedding and made it back to Michigan again in December to enjoy Christmas with both Kevin and I’s families. What a year!


I’m excited to see what adventures 2016 holds. Personally, I’ve spent some time over the last few weeks setting new goals for 2016. I’ve found that writing down my goals, printing them out and signing them is the best way to hold myself accountable. At the end of the year I’ll make a list of all that I accomplished and compare that to my original goals to see which of my goals I was able to meet, and which if any will carry into the next year.

This year I’m really focusing on my fitness. I’ve been working really hard in the gym, shifting more of my workout to strength training while still mixing in some cardio and a Pure Barre class once a week. I can’t believe how much stronger I feel already. I’m going to continue to challenge myself in every workout as I enter the new year instead of just going through the motions in the gym, while also focusing more on my nutrition. My main goal is to cut out some of the sugar in my diet and be more conscious of the carbs I’m eating. In the past I’ve been hung up on eating low calorie or fat free foods, often times missing how much sugar can be in some of these alternatives. Just the other day I looked at the nutrition label of my “fat free” greek yogurt to find that it had 25 grams of sugar! Yuck!

Other than fitness and nutrition, I also have some travel goals for the year. Kevin and I are currently planning a trip to climb Machu Picchu in Peru with some friends and family and we also plan to travel to Southeast Asia later in the year. It will be a big year of travel for us, so I’m excited to get our trips finalized and have something to look forward to!

As I finalize my goals, I encourage everyone to set their intention for the year and spend some time writing down your goals before you go on auto pilot and get distracted by all the responsibilities of every day life. Make your goals attainable but push yourself to think outside of your comfort zone. It’s okay if you don’t accomplish 100% of the goals you set. If you always accomplish every goal it may mean you aren’t setting your goals high enough. Cheers to a year of health, happiness and kicking butt!

– A –




Big Weekend for the Spartans

Happy Monday to you! If you are a Spartan fan, I’m sure you are just as excited as I am because we won the Big 10 Championship on Saturday! Go Green! Congrats to the other three teams who made the playoffs as well. We are looking forward to another great game against Alabama on New Year’s Eve.

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Indianapolis to attend the game and had a very fun weekend. Cheering on the Spartans with some of my favorite people, what could be better? I went with my parents, Nick, and best friend Alyssa and we met some family friends and family there. We arrived to Indy on Friday evening and the town was already buzzing with fans from both schools. We prepared for the game with some good food and of course a couple drinks. The game itself was obviously the highlight of the weekend.It was an intense game (I have little to no voice left), but our Spartans fought hard and beat the Hawkeyes 16-13.






I hope everyone else had a great weekend full of family, friends, and football as well! Talk to you guys soon!

– A & M –

Life in the Southwest

Happy Monday! This weekend went by too fast as usual, but we had beautiful weather in Arizona making it perfect for a cruise with the top down in the Mustang.

Kevin and I made it through the hottest months in Arizona this summer, and we are excited to start enjoying the weather people visit Scottsdale for. I’m not going to complain about wearing flip flops in November!


Kevin and I have really been enjoying life in Scottsdale so far.  It’s crazy what a difference knowing every day is going to be sunny and beautiful makes in your day-to-day life. My favorite things about Scottsdale so for are:

1. Weather: I don’t remember the last time I checked the weather here. They aren’t kidding about the 299 days of sunshine here each year.  Although it was a little weird not feeling that fall breeze and even more odd to see friends and family back in the mid-west wearing scarfs, boots, and coats as fall approached, it’s awesome to be able to lay by the pool in November and not haveto wear a coat. Even the storms here are different, with the rain usually only lasting a few minutes.

2. Outdoor activities: I’m sure you’ve all seen my hiking pictures on the weekends, but it’s so easy to share the amazing views here at the top of our hikes. I never knew the desert was so beautiful! And if you get sick of the sun, you can travel a couple of hours north for some skiing.


3. Food: Coming from Chicago with endless restaurant options, I was worried we would get sick of the cuisine here quickly. We’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of options and quality of the food here. Being close to Phoenix we’ve tried a good amount of restaurants in both Scottsdale and Phoenix, and have found a few spots that are good enough to return to. 

togetheratheart_scottsdale Our favorite breakfast spot Butters, yum!

4. People:  In general, people here have been very friendly.  Leaving the midwest, we were concerned we would lose friendly people with midwest values and have found that not to be true.  Because Arizona is largely a transplant city, we’ve met a good amount of people from the midwest as well as other parts of the country who call Arizona home.

5. Proximity to other great cities: Scottsdale is a good distance from some great cities in the Southwest and West Cost including San Diego, Vegas, LA, and Utah. We’ve road-tripped to San Diego in September and have some places we would like to drive to in the coming months.

Have I convinced anyone to make Scottsdale home or the next vacation spot?Kevin and I look forward to some visitors this winter!