Post Workout Fuel

Happy Thursday friends! It’s almost the weekend, woo!

I wanted to share some of my favorite post workout snacks with you guys today. I generally don’t eat a big meal after I workout but like to eat something to get some protein into my body. These snacks are healthy and delicious too!

Protein Smoothie

This is definitely my go-to post workout snack. It is full of fruit, protein, and is refreshing after a sweat sesh. My sister introduced me to Protein World protein powder (I use The Slender Blend vanilla flavor) and I’m obsessed! It doesn’t taste like typical protein powder and enhances the flavor of my smoothies. I usually blend two frozen bananas, a handful of other fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, mango), a couple tablespoons of yogurt, four scoops of protein powder, and a splash of almond milk. Yum!

Waffles & Peanut Butter

If you guys haven’t tried Van’s waffles yet, you need to! I got my whole family on the Van’s kick. It is an quick an easy treat after working out or even just for breakfast. I top mine with natural peanut butter and banana slices. I usually buy the multigrain waffles, but my sister and parents love the powergrain variety. 

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Now that all of my favorite fruit is in season, I am putting it on everything (and just eating it by itself). I especially love strawberries and pineapple. For this easy snack I simply toped vanilla greek yogurt with fruit and granola. In this picture, I used Creative Snacks Co. organic coconut bites that has chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds…so good (it’s from Sam’s Club). 


When I’m short on time, but want to eat a post-workout snack, I will throw a bar in my purse. My favorites are Larabars, Think Thin bars, and Rx bars. I just ordered Rx bars from Amazon per my sister’s recommendations and love that there are only a few natural ingredients in them. Some of the bars you can buy are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients so be cautious!

Happy snacking! Have a great weekend!

– M –

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