Blue Apron Review

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend!

I recently tried Blue Apron after receiving a free week of meals from a friend from work. I have been wanting to try a healthy meal delivery service for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. After making an account on the Blue Apron website, I selected the 2-person  meal option and that I only wanted chicken, fish, and vegetarian dishes (I don’t eat red meat). I was excited for my first delivery and was impressed at how well packaged it was upon arrival. There were large ice packs inside to keep everything cold along with individually packaged vegetables, meat, and everything else needed for the recipes (spices,  cheese, etc.). I always feel like I’m wasting produce when I make recipes and only use a little bit of a package of vegetables so it was nice that they only sent the amount you need.

I received three meals, spiced chicken chili, baked ricotta cannelloni, and cajun catfish. I really enjoyed the spiced chicken chili and baked ricotta cannelloni. There was definitely enough for 2 people (Mike also approved of the dinners!). The recipes were easy to follow as there were preparation instructions such as washing and chopping vegetables and preheating the oven as well as detailed steps in a checklist format. The meals took about 30 minutes to make.

I recommend a meal delivery service, such as Blue Apron, for those who don’t have time to dig through recipes or scroll through Pinterest for recipe inspiration and want healthy, easy dinner recipes. The recipes I received were something I wouldn’t normally make, but I really enjoyed them! You can’t beat ready-to-make, healthy, delicious meals at your doorstep!

Have a great week!

– M –

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