Reunion in Arizona 

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend together in Arizona! Time together always goes by too fast, but we were able to fit a lot of fun and quality time together in the few days we had.

On Thursday, Meg arrived to Arizona and we celebrated Amanda’s birthday. We had a nice dinner at FnB which is a farm-to-table restaurant that offers shareable small plates. Then we got ice cream for dessert and had a relaxing night at home.

We had a full day of fun planned on Friday. We woke up at a decent time to fit a workout out in before heading to Camelback Resort and Spa for massages. After our relaxing treatments, we had lunch. We headed home for some downtime before some more pampering. We got blowouts at DryBar (our fave!) before heading to dinner at Sumo Maya with Kevin. Sumo Maya is a Mexican Asian fusion restaurant and had a super fun atmosphere and lots of food options. We ended the night with some drinks at the bars in Old Town.

After sleeping in a little on Saturday, we went to breakfast at Amanda and Kev’s favorite place, Butters, in preparation for our hike. We hiked Pinnacle Peak and enjoyed the views, each others’ company, and the beautiful weather! The day went by quickly and soon we were enjoying dinner at Isabella’s, and Italian restaurant. We picked up dessert on the way home and enjoyed a relaxing night at home.

Before we knew it, Sunday rolled around. We started our Sunday with a sweat session at Bodi. Amanda and Kevin are regulars at Bodi, but it was Meg’s first time. The workout is a HIIT circuit-style class that included box jumps, ball slams, and weighted ropes. It was a killer workout for sure! After our workout, we watched the Michigan State basketball team’s victory against Michigan, Go Green! We are enjoying our final night together before Meg flies back to chilly, snowy Michigan tomorrow.

It was a great weekend together and it is always hard to say goodbye when we don’t know when the next time we will see each other will be. We hope everyone has a great week!

– A & M –

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