Core Blast

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Kevin and I went to the Keith Urban concert on Saturday night and had a blast with some friends. I also did some killer core workouts and wanted to share some of my favorite core strength exercises.

First is my favorite, stir the pot on a stability ball. The goal is to resist rotation and control the movement as you make small circles with your arms while in a plank position using a medium – large size stability ball. Do 8-10 circles in both directions and you’ll feel your core fire up right away!


Next, i did a circuit with a series of four movements. Complete the circuit three times at the end of your workout for a core finisher.

  • 10 bicycles in each direction
  • 10 plank reaches on each side
  • 20 pulse ups
  • 20 flutter kicks

I hope you enjoy these core moves as much as I do! Your core will thank me. 🙂

– A –


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