Back to School…

Hi all! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Things have been so busy lately for me and that is partly because… I am back at Michigan State University! I was accepted to their Family Nurse Practitioner program and I just started my first semester this August! I am very excited to begin this next chapter in my career!

I am going to school part-time and working full-time and it is definitely difficult to fit everything in, but I am making it work. The Nurse Practitioner program at MSU is mostly online so I am able to complete my work from Royal Oak without having to commute to East Lansing. After graduation in about three years, I will be qualified to work as a primary care provider in an office or clinic setting. I have always wanted to continue my education and am glad to be back at my alma mater doing so! I hope to someday make a greater impact as a Nurse Practitioner and be able to contribute to the health of a community. Until then, I will be busy studying and working a Labor and Delivery nurse (thank goodness for coffee)!

Remember to always follow your dreams, no matter how difficult the path may seem! Have a great week friends!

– M –

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