Weekend with Mom

I can’t believe it is already Monday. The weekend flew by! My Mom was in town visiting Kevin and I this weekend from Michigan. We had the best time together and it was sad to drop her off at the airport yesterday after a fun weekend together. We are already counting down the days until we visit for Christmas!

Thursday my Mom arrived and we got our nails done and made dinner at our place. Friday we hit the gym and did a killer upper body workout before a relaxing spa day at my favorite spa in Scottsdale, The Camelback Inn. We enjoyed lunch with beautiful weather and lounged by the pool before getting massages.

After the spa we met up with Kevin for dinner outside on the patio at Chelsea’s Kitchen.

Saturday we did a lower body workout together. So much fun working out with my Mom and showing her some exercises! After the gym Kevin spoiled us with breakfast and we did some shopping. At night we watched the Michigan State game at Wasted Grain, the MSU bar in Scottsdale. It was not a good game, but we still had a lot of fun watching it together.

I am so thankful my Mom came to visit! I’m excited to see her in Michigan soon. Have a great week everyone!

– A –

One thought on “Weekend with Mom

  1. Connie Ellis says:

    Wow! Wonderful that you two could spend fun, quality Mother/daughter time together!!!
    You both look great and both have eyes twinkling with happiness and love for each other!!!

    Hugs from Connie


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