Favorite meal of the day – Breakfast!

Happy Monday! I can’t wait to head to Michigan next weekend and see my friends and family! It’s been a while since Kevin and I have been back, so we are looking forward to it.

This morning’s breakfast got me thinking about how much I enjoy my favorite meal. I’ve always been a breakfast person, and not only is it my favorite meal but I also can’t skip it. My stomach instantly feels hungry when I wake up. When I was younger my Mom always had breakfast waiting for me (mostly cereal, but she was known to whip out something special once in a while before school). Ever since then, I can’t start my day without a good breakfast. My go to during the week is scrambled eggs and coffee. Once I get to work I have a protein bar (usually Rx Bar) and an apple with almond butter. On the weekends I opt for an egg white omelet or a protein shake.

Eating a healthy breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and affects how your body digests glucose all day. Think about how long your body goes without food as you sleep. It’s important to eat within the first couple of hours of waking up, especially if you’re participating in exercise. There’s conflicting research on whether eating breakfast affects weight loss, but some studies claim that people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. Either way, the type of breakfast food plays a large role on how effective your breakfast is in satisfying hunger and providing the nutrients you need. Clean foods like eggs, fruit, and oatmeal are better choices than sugary cereal or pancakes that will leave you feeling bloated and your hunger unsatisfied.


If you’re not a breakfast person, a protein bar and fruit could be a great way to get something in your stomach before your workout or first meeting at work. I hope everyone has a great week!

– A –



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