Snack Time!

Happy Monday! We can’t believe July starts this week. This year is truly flying by. We are anxiously awaiting our next visit in August when Amanda is back in Michigan!

We wanted to share some of our favorite healthy snacks since we both love snacking. We try to eat 4-6 small meals a day, and we both can’t go more than a few hours without snacking. It’s good to keep our metabolism going but we also make sure our snacks are healthy and aren’t full of empty calories that don’t satisfy us. Here are a few of our favorite snacks:

  • Apple with almond butter: This is the perfect afternoon snack. Combining a protein and a carb satisfies hunger longer and it tastes amazing!

  • Yogurt with no added sugar: Yogurt it a great snack but make sure it doesn’t have a lot of added sugars. Look for yogurt with less than 10g of sugar. They are harder to find and may not look as appetizing, but they are still yummy!

  • Handful of whole almonds: An easy snack to keep at your desk or in your purse. A handful of almonds can easily keep you full until your next meal.

  • Carrots with hummus: This tasty snack incorporates a veggie with a dip that provides protein and essential vitamins and minerals. You can choose from a variety of hummus flavors, our favorite is garlic or roasted red pepper.

  • Smoothie: One of the best snacks after a workout or on a hot day! We love making ours with frozen bananas, fresh fruit, protein powder, greek yogurt, and almond milk. See this past blog post for a peanut butter banana smoothie recipe.


  • Cottage cheese with fruit: While this combination doesn’t sound very appealing together, it is so delicious! Just add pineapple or peaches on top of a serving of cottage cheese and enjoy!

    What’s your favorite healthy snack? We’d love to hear!

    – A & M –

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