May Cleanse

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! Kevin and I were in Palm Springs for a little getaway. It was nice to explore somewhere new and get some R&R!

I mentioned in a previous post that my Mom and I are doing a cleanse this month, focusing on limiting artificial sugars with no alcohol for the full month! We wrap up this week and have both had some noticeable improvements in our energy. We are surprised how quickly we didn’t miss having sugar, going cold turkey on deserts and anything with added sugars. We agreed that giving up alcohol was harder, and realized how many social activities involve drinking.

The cleanse made us both much more conscious of our eating and drinking throughout the day. I used an app called Lose It to track my meals and activity for the day to see my calories coming in and out. We held each other accountable through the month and shared what was difficult and things that were going well. The support aspect was huge and much needed to stay on track all month. We are both excited to have a cold beer at the end of the month but are proud of our dedication it took to complete the cleanse!

– A –

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