Orange Theory

It’s Monday! Time to set our intentions for the week. Although it’s hard, Monday’s should be seen as an opportunity for a week of success, not holding your breath for the weekend. As you know, we love trying new workout classes. They are such a fun way to mix up our workout routines and learn about different fitness methods. We tried an Orange Theory class as a family when we were all together in Arizona, and wanted to give you our thoughts. Orange Theory uses heart-rate based interval training on the treadmill, rowing machine and weight training blocks. You wear a heart rate monitor that displays your heart rate on a screen with other class members, and pushes you to keep your heart rate in your target zone throughout the class. The goal is to be in the “orange zone,” which means you will get an after exercise calorie burn for up to 36 hours of your workout.

The class we did was a partner workout where one person started on the treadmill while the other was on the row machine. After the person on the treadmill finished waking or rushing 0.15 miles at their fastest speed they then moved into a weight circuit before switching with the partner on the row machine. You cycled through this rotation for the length of the class, adding intensity on the treadmill and additional weight exercises in the circuit section. The class finished with abs and some stretching. It was a good workout, but our instructor didn’t do the best job explaining the different heart rate levels and what they meant. There was also a sense of confusion on what we should be doing at times, but we did feel a burn throughout!

Would we try it again? Maybe! We liked the circuit style of the class and the idea of using a heart rate monitor to stay motivated and be in our target heart rate zone, but we didn’t love the trainer or his lack of explanation of the workout since we were new. We love trying workout classes and will post some more reviews in the future. What’s your favorite workout class? We’d love to hear from you!

– A & M –


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