Things Making Me Smile This Week

Hello everyone! To brighten up this Monday, I thought I would share some of the things that have made me smile in the past week. Feel free to comment below and let me know some things that are making you happy! 🙂

  • Finishing Up a Good Book-  Yes, it took me WAY too long to read this tiny book. I have been busy starting my new job and usually only read a few pages or a chapter before going to bed some nights. However, I can say that I LOVED this book. It is full of simple tips on how to increase your happiness on a daily basis. I definitely recommend it!

  •  Having a Workout Partner- After joining Lifetime Fitness in January, my mom and I have been working out together a lot more and I couldn’t be happier! It is so much more fun and motivating to workout with someone else. We have been enjoying our fair share of yoga classes lately. Also, I am so proud of my mom for sticking with her fitness goals this year so far, keep it up mom!

  • Spending Time With This Guy- While Nick and I are only an hour apart when he is at school, we don’t see each other during the week and it had been a couple weeks since we spent time together. I was one happy girl when he came home Friday for the weekend. We enjoyed dinner at a new brewery on Friday night with my parents and spent time with his family on Saturday. 
  • New Beauty Products- I made a trip to Ulta on Friday and scored some amazing new beauty products, woo hoo! I have been searching for a good dry shampoo as I admittedly have greasy hair (especially if it’s been over 24 hours since I washed it). This Living Proof dry shampoo is the answer to my hair prayers. I used it this weekend and went over 48 hours without washing my hair! Also, I received a mascara sample with my purchase (brand:it- SUPERHERO) and love that as well. It lengthens my lashes and lasts all day!

  • Vacation Count-Down- I am so excited for our family vacation to Arizona in just 26 days to visit my sister and brother-in-law! Nothing like some relaxing time with my family in warm, sunny weather no less! Hurry up March 25th!
  • New Spring Clothes- With a vacation in my near future and Spring around the corner (hopefully), I have been keeping my eyes open for some cute new clothes. When I was at Target the other day with my mom, I found some patterned, trendy clothes including a dress, kimono, and wider-leg pants (sometimes I am in awe of Target’s clothing section) all for under $25 each. I am ready for some heat! FYI the beach hat pictured below was found in the dollar section for $5! 
  •  Fuller House Release- I was super pumped when I found out that the Full House cast was having a reunion and have been waiting for the end of February when it was set to be released and it is finally here! I am only two episodes in, but certainly feel nostalgic watching it. My sister and I used to watch reruns after school nearly every day and as soon as the episode was over my dad would get home from work. Brings back so many memories and I love the references to the original episodes.Fuller House
  • Adorable Music Videos- I am a total country music lover especially modern country (cue Today’s Country’s Hits Pandora). When I heard “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett my heart melted. It is such a sweet song and he wrote it for his wife! As soon as I found out the music video was of him and his wife, I knew I needed to watch it ASAP. It was more adorable then I imagined it would be. So I will leave with you with that, feel free to replay as many times as you please (bye bye Monday blues!). die a happy man.jpg


Have an amazing week!!!

– M –

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