Pump Up Your Workout

Happy Monday friends! We hope you enjoyed the weekend (and wonderful weather)! We thought we would start the week off with some workout motivation. Finding inspiration for a workout can be a challenge so we thought we  would share some ab exercises to get you started. We hope you can put these to good use, now get sweating!

1.  Tick Tock Plank (with bosu ball)togetheratheart_abworkout

Start in a plank position with forearms on the middle of the bosu ball. Bring right leg to the side tapping your toes and return to midline. Repeat on the left. That is one rep, complete 15. This exercise can also be done without a bosu ball by placing forearms on the ground.

2. Walk Upstogetheratheart_abworkout

Start lying down with either leg straight up towards the ceiling. Use your hands to walk up your leg crunching your abs and lower back down so hands are at the bottom of the leg. Complete 10 reps with one leg up and 10 with the opposite leg up.

3. Weighted Sit Upstogetheratheart_abworkout

Using a dumbbell weight (I use 10 pounds), start lying on your back with your knees bent, holding the weight with both hands. Assume a sit up position keep weight in front of your chest. Return to lying position. Complete 20 reps.

4. Boat pose crunches togetheratheart_abworkout
This one is for my fellow yogis! After holding the boat pose in yoga last week (killer!) I was inspired to turn the pose into a dynamic exercise. Begin in boat pose (pictured above). Extend your legs keeping your arms out to the sides and allowing your back to drop slightly toward the ground (without touching). Return to boat pose. Complete 15 reps.

5. Plank and twist togetheratheart_abworkout

Start in a plank position with your body in a straight line (make sure your butt is not sticking up or sagging). Bring your leg in towards your head and cross it over slightly to the opposite arm. Do one on each side for one rep. Do 10 reps at a decent pace to increase your heart rate.

6. Bicycles togetheratheart_abworkout

Sit with your weight back so you feel a catch in your abs and lift your feet. Your arms can extend above your head or rest on the ground next to your body for more support. Make big circles with your legs for 25 seconds. Take a few second break and switch the direction of your legs for another 25 seconds.

7. Oblique crunchestogetheratheart_abworkout

Lay on your side with your bottom arm on the ground slightly in front of you and your top arm with your elbow out and hand on your head. Pull your self upward using your oblique so that your legs and elbow come close and then lower back down. Complete 25 reps and switch sides.

8. Pulse ups

Lay on your back with your feet in the air and your legs as straight as possible. Pulse upward lifting your butt in the air, keeping your legs straight without swinging them. I like to pretend there is a wall right behind my legs that I can’t touch to avoid swinging. Do 25 reps.

As always, be sure to listen to your own body and modify as needed. What are some of your favorite go-to moves? We would love to hear from you! Have a great week, talk to you soon!

– A & M –



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