Holiday Mania

Happy Monday everyone. Only eleven days until Christmas! This weekend Kevin and I attended two holiday parties. It was a great weekend of celebrations, but I’m a little tired from all of the fun. 🙂

Every holiday season brings holiday parties galore, shopping for gifts and endless amounts of food and holiday treats that are hard to resist. Personally I love the holidays, but I find myself so busy that it’s often hard to really enjoy the season. And of course there’s delicious food at all the parties that makes it so difficult not to derail from my usual diet.

My rule of thumb for controlling what I eat at holiday parties is allowing myself to splurge a little.  For example, I might treat myself to cookie after dinner, but skip the bread.  For me, I like to allow myself one treat a day, but otherwise stick to my normal diet. For times where I indulge a little too much, I make sure to hit the gym extra hard the next day. It’s definitely difficult to stay on track during the holidays, but allowing yourself to indulge here and there while mostly making good food and exercise choices is key.

Through all of the craziness, I try to keep my regular workout schedule, working out 5-6 times per week. Here’s an example of a 20 minute workout that targets the whole body in short amount of time. No excuses on not being able to fit this into your busy holiday schedule!

Easy 20 minute holiday workout (3 sets of each):

  • 12 squats with a kettle bell
  • 12 burpees with a jump at the top of each one
  • 60 second forearm plank
  • 12 lunges
  • 12 bicep curls with weight bar

This year I decided to think about my New Year resolutions including my health and fitness goals in November and December  instead of waiting until January. This way I can finish out the year strong (as my dad would say). I’ve also found that writing down my goals makes me more accountable and more likely to achieve them. I’ve also already set my goals for 2016, and encourage everyone to do the same. I hope everyone enjoys the next few weeks of celebrations and time with family and friends!

– A –

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