Gift Giving Guide

Hi everyone! We hope you had a family, friend, and food-filled Thanksgiving weekend! Amanda and Kevin spent Thanksgiving in Arizona and then went on a  weekend trip to Beverly Hills. Meghan had Thanksgiving dinner with family between work shifts then rooted the Spartans on to a victory on Saturday. Go green!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, let the holiday decorating and shopping commence! We want to share holiday gifting tips as well as some of our favorite gifts to give this season.

Gift Giving Tips

  1. Use Social Media- One of the best ways to get an idea for what people really want is to use social media for hints. Pinterest is our favorite site to use as you can see clothes, jewelry, and home decor that people are wishing for. They will sure be surprised when they open it and most likely say “How did you know I wanted this?”
  2. Know Their Interests- Based on a person’s hobbies and likes, you can buy them the perfect gift. For example, for someone who is active you could get them a Fitbit or new headphones. You could also put together a gift basket based on a theme such as their favorite sports team or cozy treats with books, a candle, and a blanket (and wine?).  This way you know they will use the gift and enjoy it!
  3. If All Else Fails, Go for the Gift Card-  While a gift card is not the most personal gift, it can definitely come in handy when you are out of ideas. Getting a gift card that shows you know the person well helps such as a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. SpaFinder is a great gift card as the person can choose a fitness class or spa in their area to use it on.

Meg’s Picks

  1. Candle– I bought this candle for my mom after smelling it burning in my Pure Barre studio. My mom and I both love it as it has a spa-like essence. A great gift for any lady in your life!togetheratheart_gifts
  2. Blanket Scarf– I purchased my first blanket scarf this fall and I think I am obsessed! I have also seen a lot of other people rocking them as well! Comfy, functional, and adorable- you can’t go wrong! togetheratheart_gifts
  3. Headphones– I use these headphones to work out and love that they have good sound quality and also stay in your ear when you are doing cardio. They come in lots of fun colors too!togetheratheart_gifts

Amanda’s Picks

  1.  Jewlery – I have a few people on my shopping list who are collecting charm bracelets like the Alex and Ani bracelets. It’s fun to be able to buy them a charm that’s meaningful to your relationship or something that person enjoys such as a collegiate football charm.togetheratheart_gifts
  2.  Functional socks – Now that I’ve been hiking and outdoors more often I’ve leanred the importance of good quality socks. My Dad and husband and obsessed with Fits socks. They claim they are so comfortable and breath well in any climate. Great stocking stuffer ideas!togetheratheart_gifts
  3. Experiences – My favorite gift to give someone is something we can do together. My husband and I get my in-laws a one night stay in downtown Detroit every year, where we all get to enjoy a night at their favorite Greek restaurant and do a little gambling. It’s a great way to all spend time together, and something they prefer over a physical gift.

Enjoy the beginning of this magical, exciting season! Talk to you soon!

– A & M –

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