Life in the Southwest

Happy Monday! This weekend went by too fast as usual, but we had beautiful weather in Arizona making it perfect for a cruise with the top down in the Mustang.

Kevin and I made it through the hottest months in Arizona this summer, and we are excited to start enjoying the weather people visit Scottsdale for. I’m not going to complain about wearing flip flops in November!


Kevin and I have really been enjoying life in Scottsdale so far.  It’s crazy what a difference knowing every day is going to be sunny and beautiful makes in your day-to-day life. My favorite things about Scottsdale so for are:

1. Weather: I don’t remember the last time I checked the weather here. They aren’t kidding about the 299 days of sunshine here each year.  Although it was a little weird not feeling that fall breeze and even more odd to see friends and family back in the mid-west wearing scarfs, boots, and coats as fall approached, it’s awesome to be able to lay by the pool in November and not haveto wear a coat. Even the storms here are different, with the rain usually only lasting a few minutes.

2. Outdoor activities: I’m sure you’ve all seen my hiking pictures on the weekends, but it’s so easy to share the amazing views here at the top of our hikes. I never knew the desert was so beautiful! And if you get sick of the sun, you can travel a couple of hours north for some skiing.


3. Food: Coming from Chicago with endless restaurant options, I was worried we would get sick of the cuisine here quickly. We’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of options and quality of the food here. Being close to Phoenix we’ve tried a good amount of restaurants in both Scottsdale and Phoenix, and have found a few spots that are good enough to return to. 

togetheratheart_scottsdale Our favorite breakfast spot Butters, yum!

4. People:  In general, people here have been very friendly.  Leaving the midwest, we were concerned we would lose friendly people with midwest values and have found that not to be true.  Because Arizona is largely a transplant city, we’ve met a good amount of people from the midwest as well as other parts of the country who call Arizona home.

5. Proximity to other great cities: Scottsdale is a good distance from some great cities in the Southwest and West Cost including San Diego, Vegas, LA, and Utah. We’ve road-tripped to San Diego in September and have some places we would like to drive to in the coming months.

Have I convinced anyone to make Scottsdale home or the next vacation spot?Kevin and I look forward to some visitors this winter!


2 thoughts on “Life in the Southwest

  1. sandy clark says:

    I’ m glad you are enjoying all of that wonderful weather i don’t suppose you will nice all of the yucky winter we have enjoy everything love you both gram!!!!


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