A New Adventure In Scottsdale

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

My husband and I spent ours moving out of our apartment in Chicago, making a stop in Michigan on the 4th to visit family and friends, and flying to our new home yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona!


My husband got a promotion with his company, and his job is taking us on a new adventure across the country. It’s always hard saying goodbye to friends and family, but we are looking forward to the warm weather and more active lifestyle that Arizona offers. We are also excited to try something completely new!


We got an apartment close to Old Town Scottsdale, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our belongings before moving in. Living in Scottsdale will be much different than Chicago. The biggest difference is that we will have cars and not being about to walk everywhere like we did in Chicago. We also don’t know many people in Arizona, so it will be great meeting new people as we explore the area and get acquainted.

I’m already looking forward to family and friends visiting us and especially cannot wait for Meghan’s visit in October. I’m excited to share more about our new home soon!

– A –

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